Secure Your Home. Conserve Your Water.


Water conservation is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity that is steadily impacting every area of our daily lives.

  • 13.7% of all household water is lost to plumbing leaks.
  • 1 trillion gallons per year lost nationwide.


Water is a leading cause of homeowner property damage every year, far more likely than fire and theft combined.

  • $9 Billion paid by insurance companies each year.
  • 26% of all homeowner insurance claims.


Smart Home technology has connected everything in our home (from fire alarms to thermostats) but not our most vital system: our water.

  • $8.5 Billion in property damage could be eliminated.
  • 93% of property damage costs could be avoided.

The Solution

Flo is a comprehensive water monitoring and control system with leak detection, and proactive leak prevention technologies. Via its smartphone dashboard, Flo provides users the ability to control water remotely, while empowering and gamifying conservation efforts.

The Flo Device installs on your home's main water supply, after the water meter and pressure regulator.

The Flo Device continuously tests the flow, pressure and temperature of all water entering your home, while learning habits and analyzing consumption
Flo's proprietary system runs automatic and diagnostic leak tests to identify abnormalities before they become a problem.
Direct control of the water valve allows homeowners to take action immediately. In the case of a critical leak, Flo can automatically turn off the water, reducing the chance of a catastrophic event when you're away.


Control your Flo Device and home water from your phone. From initial on-boarding to getting updates on your water usage, everything you need to control and monitor your water system is done from your Flo Mobile App.

  • Tests


    Proactively testing the integrity of your water system.

    Leaks happen, but Flo isn’t waiting around until one does to tell you about it. Flo performs automatic leak tests at least once a day, in addition to consistently monitoring your daily water usage for abnormalities. You can also run your own diagnostic leak test via the Flo Mobile App.

  • Alerts


    Get the message when it matters.

    If there’s an issue with your water system, you’ll get an alert right away, right to your phone. You can troubleshoot the issue, run more tests, or directly notify your plumber or other emergency contacts.

  • Controls


    What good is an alert if you can't stop the leak?

    You can shut off your water remotely with a tap on your smartphone, or Flo can take care of it for you immediately in the event of a critical leak when you are away or on vacation.


  • Security
    Proactively eliminating leaks, Preventing catastrophe.

    Avoid the costly burden of restoration and displacement, heartache of losing invaluable items, and damaging health effects of mold inhalation. Protect your family and belongings by reducing the risk of plumbing failures.

  • Conservation
    Our scarcest and most important natural resource.

    Let’s do our part! Give yourself the ability to keep your household accountable and empowered to conserve. Flo users can set goals, get help changing consumption habits and identify inefficient water fixtures and appliances.

  • Savings
    The system that pays for itself!

    Potential savings associated with Flo extend well beyond eliminating damage and a lower monthly water bill. Expect on-going premium rebates on your homeowners insurance and potential rebates from water utility agencies.

  • Scalability
    An unparalleled and cost effective solution for landlord and tenant visibility into water usage.

    Built to address the usage behavior of single and multi-residential buildings helps make Flo the perfect solution to monitor, conserve and protect water in various home settings and building sizes.


Flo is looking for best in-class professionals in plumbing, home automation, security, cable and insurance to add to our network of Flo Pro partners. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to work with Flo.

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